Will you help Judith?

A DRAMATIC poem, written after one of Saddleworth’s most popular riding schools was destroyed by a fierce blaze, is being used to rekindle people’s memories.

Because when the blaze tore through Judith Liversidge’s Dobcross premises, scores of pictures she had so lovingly treasured over 40 years  went up in smoke.

Now – on the second anniversary of the horrific fire – Judith is appealing to her loyal clients, past and present, to seek out old photographs and pictures to help her rebuild the Husteads riding school’s fond memories.

Defiant Judith saved 24 horses and her 20-year-old donkey, Coconut, from the inferno and has since gone on to rebuilt a thriving business with her husband Nick.

“Our friends have been overwhelming in their support,” she declared. “But we are hopeful the poem may evoke some memories and get them to search for any pictures taken here so we could rebuild our collection.”

Julian Taylor, a friend of the family, who owns the Church Inn, Uppermill, penned the poem after rushing to the scene to help after the blaze.

He said: “It was such a devastating sight I wanted to record it – particularly the bravery shown by Judith on the night.”

“I do hope the poem makes people search through their pictures to help her cause.”


Blazing Saddles

Is that smoke an orange glow?
coming from a house that I know.
I think its Judiths ‘n Nicks
over there, in Dobcross sticks

If that’s the stables that are alight –
blazing saddles there could be tonight.
I’ll try to ring then take flight
Across the valley on this dark night

Blazing saddles there could have been
Out of the fire that I have just seen
When I arrive, thank God, all the animals are still alive

Blazing saddles? that’s not going to be
“You lot – follow me!”
Into the smoke Judith goes
Followed by all, now that’s no joke

Oh the saddles are safe – can we rest?
Look, Judith is distressed we can tell
“Get the box from that fiery hell!”
So off we go on a mission,
don’t ask the fireman for permission

What’s important about that box?
Hope it’s not just full of smelly socks!
“Don’t be daft!” Judith laughs,
“It’s full of memories from my past”

If you have any pictures, contact Judith or Nick at Husteads Riding School: 01457 870904.

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