Animal charity shop in Lees targeted by heartless thief

The RSPCA charity shop in Lees re-opened today (Saturday, August 26) as police hunt the burglar who ransacked the High Street premises.

The intruder, thought to have been captured on CCTV footage, stole an unspecified amount of cash from the animal charity and went on a wrecking spree.

However, a collection tin, while moved, wasn’t taken in the break in.

It is understood the RSPCA’s sister shop in Springhead has also been the target for an attempted break in.

And last month (July) the Royton branch was trashed, the distinctive donation dog stolen and smashed while the total damage was estimated at £2,000.

The Lees raid is believed to have happened in the early hours of Friday, August 25.

A member of staff told the Independent: “We opened up about 8.30am on Friday and found the alarm had been disconnected.

“Everything was tipped up all over the shop. It was a real mess.

“Some cash had been taken but the collecting tin was still there and the money hadn’t been taken.

“There is CCTV and we understand the police got an image. We had to close the shop for the day to get everything straight.”

Posting later on Facebook the shop wrote: “Much needed funds will now have to be spent repairing the damage.

“it is very upsetting for all the staff and volunteers who work so hard every day.

“Please contact the police if you have any information that could help.”


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