Anthony books in for a success

A SADDLEWORTH man hopes to write his next poem about being a successful author after releasing a book of verse.

Anthony Brough is the brains behind Across The Line, which contains 55 poems written after being inspired by his surroundings.

Some focus on his childhood on a council estate in the Cheadle area of Stockport but many were penned after seeing what is around – and above – his Delph home.

Anthony, who has recently retired from teaching after more than 22 years at Oldham’s Blue Coat School and in Failsworth, also has prose in the title.

And so far, it has been well received.

Anthony Brough with his new book. Image by GGC Media

The 55-year-old said: “I started writing in September. As I was out walking around the hills, I’d take my phone with me and write them on that while I was out.

“I’d usually get the first and second lines. Then I’d come home and work through the rest of it.

“And so far, the reaction seems really favourable.

“I was going to self-publish but then I saw a story about an author from Mossley – JA Winterford – who had a book published, messaged her and she suggested i2i publishers.

“And if it’s the right kind of poetry, there’s a market for it.”

Anthony’s title certainly looks the part, courtesy of artwork by Mossley artist Chris Cyprus, who went to school with his son.

And he revealed the meaning behind the scene, adding: “When I was thinking about the cover, I noticed Chris had done this collection of paintings called The Edge of the City.

“I saw them and thought, “That’s exactly what one of my poems is about. There’s driving over the hills and seeing Manchester’s city centre, plus Fiddler’s Ferry power station behind it.

“It’s a big picture but I just scanned it and used that section. The goalposts, though, are because of my childhood, which was on a council estate, so we had football pitches in front and behind us, it’s where we spent our summers.

“And when I was writing this, I noticed a lot of the these through it where about how society tries to corral us into various lanes and stay in them, when the fun is crossing them.

“I came up with the title then when I saw Chris’ picture, I realised I had to crop it just before the 18-yard box.”

Anthony may be a new name on the shelf but his desire for writing and poetry is nothing new – Covid-19 lockdown, however, proved the kick he needed to finally take the plunge.

And as his debut title gets well received, there are other ideas on the go.

He said: “Last September was the first September I hadn’t worked since 1989 and I’ve always been interested in poetry and writing.

“It’s something I’ve always done but quite often In did in times of trauma. My mum passed away when she was 55 and I’m 55 now. Then with lockdown it was a case of, ‘I’m going to do this.’

“And I’ve got a loose plan to do more at the moment. There’s a chunk of prose at first, then poems but at the same time, I was also writing prose about football – my experiences of it, watching it, so I might do that but I like the idea of prose and poetry.

“It’s percolating at the moment.”

*YOU CAN buy Across The Line, by Anthony Brough, for £10.98 at Uppermill’s The Towpath Bookshop and Gifts For All seasons. You can also buy it from Amazon and Waterstones.

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  1. It might have been more edifying had The Saddleworth Independent published a couple of his actual poems ?

    I’m frankly non the wiser.

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