Are peace and quiet a holiday must have?

By Peter Mills, Saddleworth Travel
(Advertisement feature)

IS peace and quiet the next big ‘must have’ for family holidays?

Of course, it has always been the case for super luxury resorts where it seems the less you offer your clients the more you can charge them.

It has also been long established that all marketing media feature people enjoying the view/dinner/sunset/beach all on their own, as if that was the epitome of our desires for a holiday.

However, according to a recent article I read online titled ‘the 15 most disappointing places to visit in 2019’ all the places listed were likely to be the top of millions of people’s bucket lists.

I suppose that is the problem right away – millions of people with the ability to get themselves to far flung corners of the world but once there all they want is the comforts of home and a classy selfie to post online.

It is unlikely that the vacuous and crass are going to stop travelling any time soon so now even greater thought needs to be given to trying to predict where they will not be going.

The extreme version of this would be ‘War Zones of the World’ tours but I believe the travel insurance costs would be beyond most budgets.

For those of us with normal spending power there are ways to look at standard brochures and pick out the key words that put off many of the hordes. ‘Uphill walk’ is a good one as are ‘tranquil’ and ‘car required’ and ‘torch needed at night’.

Another approach is to head for places that have had their day and now no longer attract the people you would rather avoid. Or go for destinations they will not have heard of or couldn’t spell.

For any help you may need with choosing your next destination we are here to help.



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