Aspect IT: Cybersecurity Awareness Month

By Peter Dorotiak, Director

OCTOBER is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and the 2020 official motto is ‘Think Before you Click’ – #ThinkB4UClick.

Coordinated and promoted by the EU, this annual campaign aims to raise cybersecurity awareness and good practises. This year’s focus is on two key areas: ‘Cyber Scams’ and ‘Digital Skills’. 

Here is a brief overview and some tips:

Cyber Scams: The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about many changes. Organisations have embraced remote working and the public has increased their e-commerce usage. This increased digital dependency could mean we are more vulnerable to cyber scams, especially phishing.

A phishing attack generally come in the form of an email and is designed to trick you into revealing your personal information or installing malicious software.  

Help protect yourself against phishing attacks with our top 5 tips:

1. Follow the official motto’s advice: #ThinkB4UClick.

2. Never give out any personal information or passwords.

3. Check all hyper-links and ensure they are correct and match the senders email address.

4. Check for grammatical errors as phishing attempts usually contain errors.

5. Ensure you have anti-spyware, anti-spam, and anti-virus software installed.

Digital Skills: Ensuring you have good digital skills helps you to stay safe and secure online. We should all invest time in learning about password management, backing up data, and maintaining privacy. 

The Cybersecurity Month website has clear and straightforward guidance that will help you and your family improve your digital skills. Ensure you visit the official website at and follow the hashtag #ThinkB4UClick on social media. 

If you need help with your organisation’s security or remote-working technology, then Aspect IT can help. Visit our website at or call us on
0161 241 9050.

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