ASPECT IT: How a Password Manager could improve security for your small business

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By Peter Dorotiak, Director

LOTS of people re-use passwords for multiple accounts or use common password that could be hacked. Why? People struggle to remember strong passwords.

Having a strong password is essential!

The NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) published a survey ( on the most hacked passwords and passwords commonly used by hackers. Do any of your passwords appear on this list? Some included premier league football teams, musicians, and family names.

Sharing and reusing passwords can also be a risk. In a business setting, different staff may require access to various online accounts which require password access. This can pose a problem. Do you share the password? Do you write it down? Do you reuse the same password?

These issues can be alleviated by using a password manager and here is a brief overview of the benefits.

A password manager is an app that securely stores your passwords. This means you can have very complex passwords as you do not have to remember them. 

A password manager app can be installed onto your phone, tablet, computer, or as an extension in your web browser. 

When you require access to a website or app, the password manager will recall the relevant username and password and fill it in for you. This means you do not need to remember the password or type it.

Professional password managers have many great features for small businesses. One is the ability for multiple users to use the app, but to also hide the passwords from them. This means that users can access whatever accounts they are allocated without knowing or seeing the password. 

If any staff member leaves, you simply remove their access from the app and you do not have to change all your passwords.

Many apps will alert you if your reuse passwords for different accounts and prompt you to change them. Re-using passwords is a security risk because if a hacker steals one of your passwords, they will try to access other accounts using the same one.

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