Aspect IT: Prepare your business for the holiday season

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By Peter Dorotiak, Director of Aspect IT

Prepare your business for the holiday season

WE ARE coming up to the summer holiday period. If you’re a business owner or senior manager, then it’s time to start planning how your business will survive during your much needed break.

According to many recent surveys, around 76 per cent of entrepreneurs and business owners don’t actually take a summer break. They believe they need to keep their business running smoothly, so sacrifice their personal holiday.

But getting a work/life balance and taking a break is a necessity and gives you time to re-charge your batteries.

However, if you can’t stand to be away from the office, then there are many methods of keeping in touch with your staff and clients.

Following are our four top tech tips:

Mobile Phone: Many hotels will have access to free Wi-Fi but they are not always the most reliable of systems. Therefore, your mobile phone may be a necessity. Always contact your mobile provider to ensure roaming chargers are agreed prior to travelling. You don’t want a big bill on your return.

Computer: If you need access to a computer, then invest in a small Windows tablet with a detachable keyboard – so much easier to carry around than a bulky laptop, and pricing starts at only £150. It will be sufficient for your holiday.

Remote Access: Getting access to emails and documents may be necessary, so ensure your systems are accessible via the cloud. If you need to access your systems, then remote access can be made possible from just about anywhere.

Office: Ensure your staff know how to contact you and what the procedures are in the office for their tech. Backups still need to be performed and staff should have a basic Business Continuity Plan in case they cannot get in touch with you. Being prepared means they don’t have to bother you while you are relaxing.

Now you have your tech sorted, take the time out and relax! Don’t be reluctant to take a break and your staff will probably enjoy the increased responsibility.

If you need help setting up and implementing your cloud tech this summer, then get in touch. We are experts in the cloud/remote working and offer free no-obligation system reviews.


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