Aspect IT: Review your office technology before the return to the workplace

By Peter Dorotiak, Director

THIS month sees the UK government encouraging a mass return to the office of workers who have been working from home due to the pandemic.

As businesses plan to bring their teams back into the office, not only does this require robust health and safety planning, but also a review of your computer equipment and computer usage policies.A technology review may not sound important but overlooking such an area could lead to future security issues. Here are some useful tips:

1. Equipment review: You may have lent out office equipment to enable staff to work from home. You should ensure these items have been logged and manage their return to the business, checking for any damage.

2. Security: Before re-connecting returned equipment to your office network, ensure that drives are scanned for viruses and that you have the latest security patches installed on them. You must also consider the fact that devices may have been used for non-work purposes and by family members, so a password change may be necessary.

3. Flexible working: If your employees have flexible working arrangements, splitting their time between the office and home, this will obviously require further planning. Address any needs for equipment and carefully consider where business data will be stored. A clear ‘computer usage’ policy should be created to help address the security issues specified in tip 2; ensure employees have read and understood this policy.

4. Rearranging the office: To maintain social distancing, you may need to rearrange your office desks and computer equipment. This could mean that your office needs additional network ports or power outlets, so ensure this is reviewed and any required work is completed before staff return.

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