Aspect IT: The top four things you must check on your PC

By Danielle Skinner
Marketing Executive at Aspect IT

EVERYONE at some point will need to use a PC, whether it be for business or pleasure.  Therefore, you should make sure you protect your data and your personal details.

This month’s article highlights four key areas you should check on your PC and why they are important.

1. Is Windows and your software up to date?

The purpose of updates to your operating system and PC software is to close security vulnerabilities, fix bugs, and install new features. You should keep your PC up to date and it’s even easier if you turn on automatic updates. If you do not update your PC operating system, an attacker could exploit security vulnerabilities.

2. Do you have anti-virus software?

If not, then you should install a reputable anti-virus product and ensure it is kept up to date. Keeping the software updated is essential as it ensures you are protected against any new threats.

3. Do you back up your data?

A backup of your data will allow you to recover your files if anything happens to the original. Without any form of backup, any data you have stored on your PC is at risk of being corrupted, stolen or accidentally deleted. 

Our advice is to always have more than one copy of your data stored in a separate location or in the cloud. 

4. Do you have anti-ransomware software?

Businesses and users need to be aware of ransomware. Anti-ransomware software can protect you from opening and installing ransomware onto your PC which can have devastating consequences. 

Defending against this malicious activity will save you from paying a huge cyber breach fine and give you an extra layer of protection. 

Need some help?

If you feel as though you need help with recommended anti-virus, anti-ransomware or any other checks on your business PC or server, please call us on 0161 241 9050.

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