Aspiring actors wanted for upcoming Auditions at Millgate Arts Centre

CALLING all aspiring actors and theatre enthusiasts! The Saddleworth Players are thrilled to announce the upcoming auditions for their fourth show of the season, “Murder Margaret & Me,” a captivating comedy drama written by Philip Meeks.

Directed by the talented Sue Borg, the play promises to be a delightful mix of murder mystery and friendship, set against the backdrop of 1960s British cinema.

“Murder Margaret & Me” delves into the lives of two extraordinary women, Agatha Christie and Margaret Rutherford. In the early sixties, they collaborated on a successful franchise of Miss Marple movies that captivated audiences worldwide. However, behind the scenes, there were unexpected challenges and secrets that nearly prevented the films from being made.

The production will run from 13th to 20th April at the Millgate Arts Centre in Delph as part of its Golden Anniversary celebratory year, and prospective actors need to be available for rehearsals six to eight weeks before the show week.

This exciting opportunity invites actors to breathe life into the characters of two iconic women and explore the hidden stories that lie beneath the surface.

Casting Details:

The production is seeking three talented actresses to fill the roles of these remarkable women:

  1. Agatha Christie: A character brimming with sharp wit and forthrightness. The actor must exude charm and intelligence while portraying this iconic figure.
  1. Margaret Rutherford: An energetic, eccentric, and comic personality with a hidden dark side. The actress should bring out the multi-faceted nature of this legendary woman.
  1. Spinster (Narrator/Miss Marple): This fictional character acts as the narrator and appears in various guises, including the beloved Miss Marple. The role requires mischievousness, a bit of a busybody, and a penchant for knitting. A standard English accent is a must.

Actors who wish to audition need not be impersonators of the historical figures, but some characteristics and mannerisms are essential to do justice to these larger-than-life personalities.

To express your interest or request a copy of the play for reading, RSVP here:

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