Austerlands bus shelter restored after demolition mystery

A HISTORIC Saddleworth bus shelter that was destroyed in mysterious circumstances has been repaired.

People living in Austerlands were horrified at seeing the structure on Oldham Road in bits on Tuesday, October 3.

But after Saddleworth Parish Council, which is responsible for it, arranged for it to be repaired, it looks like nothing ever happened after work was completed.

A historic Saddleworth bus shelter that was destroyed in mysterious circumstances has been repaired.

However, no-one still has the answer as to how it ended up in that state, with its roof lifted off and a red safety barrier put around it.

The closest anyone has got was its former parish council chairman, Rob Knotts.

According to him, the authority was notified of the damage and staff took further action to bring loose stone down to make it safe for pedestrians.

The remains of the historic bus shelter

Yet no-one still has a reason as to how it was damaged in the first place – even the authorities are none the wiser.

Oldham Council told Saddleworth Independent it believes the shelter is a matter for Transport for Greater Manchester.

But the best TfGM could offer was: “We believe the shelter is the responsibility of the Parish Council.”

2 Replies to “Austerlands bus shelter restored after demolition mystery”

  1. Good for The Parish Council.

    I noticed with delight and astonishment that the shelter had been repaired on Sunday Morning, something which needed to be done quickly and decisively before people had had time to become reconciled to it.

    Speaking as a bus user I love those shelters, they’re brilliant.

    As for how it came to be demolished; I can only speculate but I suspect that nothing less than some kind of JCB would have been needed to do that kind of damage to such a robust structure.

    It certainly wasn’t just vandalism, petty or mindless I’m sure there must have been a motive and possibly a commercial one ?

    I don’t know ?.

    1. Pure speculation? I’ve heard rumours it were in fact the new land owners who paid for the repairs/reconstruction of the bus stop ?? And do they plan to build a hotel in its place? Can you confirm or deny. Concerned resident!!

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