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A FLOURISHING Greenfield author has penned his second book as he looks to brighten the lives of children with excitement and drama.

Allan Graham with his new book
Allan Graham with his new book

Allan Graham, 58, has written ‘Tom O’Kell and the Shaman’s Drum’, which is based around main character Tom and his cousins Ellie and Jake and set in the 1980s before mobile phones and internet.

A must for Harry Potter fans, it follows their tale as Tom is bought a Shaman’s Drum and the three children accidentally find they can travel into the infinite realms of ‘The Otherworld’.

Allan Graham, who first published a meditation book ’52 Reflections of Gold’, revealed his inspiration came from attending a Shamanic evening at Moonstone in Greenfield last February after which he starting reading about Shamans.

He said: “I have always wanted to write a novel, and I think it is better to write for children because their imaginations are so much more vivid until that imagination is knocked out of them by the adult world.

“A child’s everyday world involves ghosts and fairytales, witches and demons and magic, so a writer has more scope and a writer’s story can only be limited by the writer’s own imagination.”

The book, which took almost 5 months to complete, is aimed at slightly older children as Allan Graham himself said: “The story is exciting, sad, funny, and in parts, very scary!”

He added he has enjoyed reading books from a young age and is currently influenced by horror authors James Herbert and Dean Koontz.

He said: “I particularly like how James Herbert starts his stories safe and cosy and then builds the tension up to a frightening climax.”

‘Tom O’Kell and the Shaman’s Drum’ will be published in February and available to buy online from and, along with ’52 Reflections of Gold’. It will also be available from Moonstone ‘mind, body and spirit’ shop in Greenfield.

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