Best Foot Forward: Getting out and about using Nordic Walking

‘Purple Caroline’ looks at getting out and about using Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking leader Caroline Fisher

Before I get underway with this new column about Saddleworth and Nordic Walking, I’d just like to get two things straight.

Firstly, when you see us walking with poles and quip ‘where’s the snow?’, it’s not the first time we’ve heard it.

It was amusing on the first couple of occasions. But after three and a half years of hearing it at least once a week it’s lost its impact!

Secondly, I love Saddleworth. Plain and simple. There are lots of Nordic Walking groups across the UK but I sincerely believe we have the most stunning, dramatic and beautiful scenery to walk in.

I’m a bit too vocal about it, I think. We’ve walked with different groups around the North West and beyond and I’m famed for saying ‘it’s nice…but it’s not Saddleworth.’ And probably not as quietly as I should!

Pendle Hill was nice – quite a lot of moor…more and more moor actually.

Holme Valley was lovely but softer…like Saddleworth with the edges rubbed off. And so the list goes on.

Nordic Walking for the uninitiated, is walking using poles angled behind you to drive you along.

So, those shoulders, backs and chests that were just along for the ride on a normal walk are now given a wake-up call to get involved and help our poor, tired legs and bottoms propel us along. Simple but very effective.

People are doing it all over the world and we’re doing it in Saddleworth. We’d do it without the gorgeous scenery surrounding us but it really is the icing on the cake.

Nordic Walking Saddleworth do it with a smile on their face. Just saying!

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