Bid made to renovate Dobcross Park

A £28,000 scheme could transform one of Saddleworth’s parks and upgrade it so it can be used more.

An application has been made to the Local Improvement Fund being operated by Oldham Council for work on Dobcross Park.

New play equipment including a roundabout, a wobbling balance beam, a chain bridge and ‘monkey bars’ would be installed if it is successful.

Larger bark and sand areas would be put in and new landscaping would also be carried out to make it more adaptable to conditions.

And the bid document spells out just how important renovating Dobcross Park will be.

It states: “There are often so many people there that parents have to sit on rocks or the grass, when dry.

“It is anticipated the improvement to the park will provide a safer environment for children to play, as some of the equipment is old and in need of repair or replacement.

“Other villages in the area have been refurbished with modern, safer equipment and this is a much-needed facility for Dobcross.

“As this is the only open space in the village, and close to the primary school, it is well-used by parents and children who are able to meet and enjoy a safe environment to play, away from the traffic.

“As the play equipment is limited and the terrain is often muddy and rutted, it can be difficult to use it safely.

“As Dobcross is a thriving community, improvements to the play-space at the location would benefit all children who attend the local primary school, as well as families of pre-school children.

“There is also a need for older children to have a safe space to meet and play in.

“There have been significant improvements to Delph and Diggle parks and Dobcross requires a similar level of improvements to encourage a healthier and safer environment.

“This is the only park in the village, compared to the other villages in Saddleworth, so it deserves to be of a good quality and with safe equipment and environment.”

Dobcross Village Community (DVC) is working in conjunction with local councillors in the attempt to improve Dobcross Park.

The group has collected 54 signatures in support of the from parents of local school children and village residents.

Others including Elizabeth Travis, headteacher of Holy Trinity Primary School, the village’s Whit Friday committee and Saddleworth Village Olympics have state their support.

Miss Travis said: “The park is a valuable asset to our community and the children enjoy playing on the equipment after school, evenings and weekends.

“The school also use the park to run sports training, educational activities, and reward time.

“The park has begun to fall into disrepair and some areas are now unsafe. We would very much appreciate the DVC application being approved in order to provide high quality and safe equipment for our children.

“We are currently focusing on Active minutes in school in order to encourage children to exercise more during the day.

“A newly refurbished park would support this work and enthuse children to continue their active minutes outside the school day.”

The project, which has been costed at £23,583.50, has been backed by six of Saddleworth’s councillors.

It goes to Oldham Council’s Local Improvement Fund Advisory Group for consideration.

If approved, it will be submitted to the Local Improvement Fund sub-committee for final sign-off.


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