Blanket invitation to join new crocheting group

JUST to put you in the loop – there’s a new group in Saddleworth dedicated to crocheting and knitting.

So, get weaving down to Grotton pavilion if you interested in picking up old skills or casting off for a new hobby.

And for the more experienced members the group name – ‘Shh, I am counting’ – will have you in stitches.

“If you are a crocheter or a knitter it should mean something to you,” said Alicia Marland, whose teenage daughter Honey, put forward the suggestion of forming the club.

Hard at work – knitting and crochet group in Saddleworth 

“It is what I always say to my husband when he is talking to me watching television – ‘shush, I am counting’!

“Honey developed her love of knitting when she was at St Anne’s C of E Primary where she was taught by a lovely lady Mrs Kershaw.

“During the last lockdown she was sent some crochet hooks by my mum which were intended for me to learn how to crochet. I ignored them but Honey picked them up and taught herself.

“That’s when she came up with the idea of forming a group.

“Honey has received many compliments from our members on her teaching abilities and she is loving the ability to pass on her skills.”

The group meets outdoors every second Wednesday from 7pm-8pm initially – weather permitting – but moving indoors later in the year.

Alicia and Honey, 16, a former Saddleworth School pupil, have been encouraged by initial take up in interest.

They recently held a second meeting and Alicia said: “By the end of the meeting the progress everyone had made was incredible.

“Some ladies who had never used a crochet hook before were smiling and realising that it is no longer a mystery.

“Honey’s intention is to pass her skills on to others, particularly children, to encourage future generations to take up this hobby.

“Yarning activities – knitting and crochet – have massively increased in popularity over the lockdown period.

“It is no longer seen as a grandmotherly hobby as the unique and colourful creations create stunning designs.

“This hobby is known to reduce stress and anxiety due to the repetitive hand movements as well as the pleasure in creating something visually satisfying.

“It can be very addictive with many yarners having a huge stash of wool and many projects to work on.”

The group’s next meeting is July 14 between 7pm-8pm.

Alicia added: “We would love to welcome any new members – whether they are experienced at knitting or crochet and just want to natter or whether you have always wanted to learn then this is the place for you.

“We would welcome anyone to join our group and would encourage children, young adults and men to join.”

• For more details call Alicia on 07766 107437.

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