Bold thieves snatch beloved cat statues from family home

A FAMILY has been left heart-broken after audacious thieves who snatched two carved stone cats off their driveway.

The cats, carved in sandstone, had taken pride of place outside the Beckwith family home at Scouthead for nearly 20 years.

But in the dead of night, they were both stolen. One cat was levered from its stout stone mounting and the other was broken off at the ankles, leaving the paws still fixed to the wall.

Rachel Beckwith, 42, who lives with her husband Howard and daughter Holly on Lower Turf Lane, said: “We still get can’t over the audacity of the thieves.

“The cats are of tremendous sentimental value – they’ve been part of our lives for so long. I still can’t believe they’ve actually been taken.

“Checking the time lines, we worked out the theft took place between 11.30pm  and 4.30am. It’s unbelievable really.”

Her husband Howard, who works on a farm, said: “I leave home very early and I had to do a double-take to check both cats had actually gone.

“One of the cats mounted on the driveway post had been neatly lifted off.

The paws of the statue were left behind

“The other was taken from the wall the other side of the driveway leaving the paws behind. 

“Both the statues are very heavy and the thieves must have had a vehicle close by to make their getaway.”

And in a cruel twist it is one year since a life-like sandstone Santa was also taken from the family’s driveway.

The cat thefts have been reported to police and Rachel, who works for a local vet, appealed: “If anyone has seen the cats we would be really glad to hear from them and see their safe return.

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