Campaigners to fight on against new school in Diggle despite second approval

CAMPAIGNERS against a new secondary school in Diggle are continuing to fight despite the applications being granted for a second time.

keith lucas
Keith Lucas

Approval was given by Oldham Council’s planning committee to the four applications around the new £19.2million school at the WH Shaw pallet works site on Huddersfield Road.

But Keith Lucas, from Save Diggle Action Group (SDAG), insists their battle goes on to stop the move and rebuilt a new school on the current site in Uppermill.

Mr Lucas said: “The decision was inevitable. I didn’t think there would be any other outcome.

“But we have always said we will keep fighting it and that will happen. Our solicitors think we have a very strong case. We will now take legal advice and see where we go from there.”

In a letter to Oldham Council, SDAG’s solicitors Irwin Mitchell reveal they have been “instructed to seek judicial review” if the applications are approved.

They are now asking Oldham Council for authorisation for demolition to be delayed for 14 days so they can make an application for interim relief pending the outcome of a claim.

Mr Lucas added: “It has been a very difficult process. There are four applications but you have got to look at it as one holistic problem.

“The road scheme is a disaster. It just won’t work. They are trying to put an urban scheme in a rural area.

“There is something similar near Waterhead academy with a two-lane road and there are lots of problems there.”


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