College toasts achievements of Oldham students in A-levels

STUDENTS at Oldham Sixth Form College (OSFC) have been hailed for coming through several challenges to do a ‘fantastic job’ in their A-levels.

The complex, on Union Street West, is celebrating seeing 46 courses having achieved a 100 per cent pass rate, with more than 1,000 A* and A equivalents.

Take in the fact this cohort is the final one that did not sit GCSEs because of Covid-19 and sterner marking as it reverted more towards that of 2019 and it is easy to see why bosses are so happy.

Students at Oldham Sixth Form College celebrate A Level and T Level results

A higher percentage of students than the national average passed A-levels and the number of students holding university offers is at an all time high.

OSFC also hailed every student being issued with a Chromebook for them to use during their study as a boost.

A spokesman said: “These results illustrate how successful that innovation has been, and one that will continue for next year’s students.

“We will always strive to find new and innovative ways to support our students.”

Students at Oldham sixth Form College

On this year’s grades, Suzannah Reeves, Associate Principal of the Sixth Form College said: “As always we are delighted with the achievements of our students, especially in the face of national reductions in pass rates and tighter grade boundaries from the exam boards.

“We are proud to say that our students, in spite of significant Covid-19 interruptions throughout years 10 and 11, and not sitting GCSE exams, have done a fantastic job.

“We are proud to say that our students, in spite of having lost so much learning during their high school years, have achieved outstanding results.”

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