COLUMN by Aspect IT: Link your website or applications to your accounting software

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By Peter Dorotiak, Director

Many businesses use accountancy packages to manage their finances.

Some use it to create invoices for their customers while others will also manage their products and stock levels.

Whatever they use their accountancy software for, they will always have to manually enter information into their system.

What many businesses do not know is that accountancy software can be automated or linked to other software applications. This means they can reduce manual data entry or data extract processes which can help to reduce errors. It could even save them time and money.At Aspect IT, we are Sage Accounts and QuickBooks authorised developers so we can automatically extract data or insert information into these accountancy software applications.

Here are three examples of how we can help small businesses:
1. Ecommerce: We can link many different ecommerce web sites to accountancy packages. This means invoices, customers, and product details could be seamlessly transferred between the two, reducing data entry time.

2. Create new features: We have developed numerous bespoke applications that integrate and work alongside accountancy packages. These have included production management tools, CRM systems, and many other types of bespoke systems.

3. Link to other software applications: Many businesses may already have a software application they use. We can create middleware which links software applications to an accounts package. This means data can be automatically transferred between the different systems.

Do you want to streamline your business processes?
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