COLUMN: Five ways your child can use technology for good

By Hannah Dooley Marketing Executive for Aspect IT

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THERE is no denying we live in a digitally saturated world. From phones to our cars, from work to our home, it’s hard to imagine our lives without it.

The exponential growth of the industry means children are becoming familiar with technology at a young age. Research shows the average 8 to 10-year-old spends almost eight hours a day with a variety of media.

There are many arguments detailing the negative effects of technology on our children. However, there are many benefits too! Here are a few ways your child can use technology for the greater good.1. Learning (and teaching) something new: The internet is enriched with educational resources, from basic English and Mathematics skills, to learning new languages and expression of creativity.
Children are typically visual learners, so it’s a lot easier to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ when teaching them something new. With a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, it presents more learning opportunities for both parent and child.

2. Classroom tool: Many teachers have started using technology in classrooms to help students learn. New kinds of learning can take place and more students can be reached in ways they relate with. Children with special needs can benefit from tech-based learning too, improving communication skills and changing their interaction.

3. Improved problem solving and decision making: At the heart of every video game is a challenge. Puzzles and mysteries offer children the chance to take on a problem and work to find a solution. Researchers say children who play video games improve in planning, organisation, and flexible thinking. Games on smartphones or tablets can help children build these skills while still being fun!

4. Bonding with faraway relatives: Over half of grandparents in the UK only get see their grandchildren once a year, and the pandemic has only worsened this.
With the ability to video chat, children as young as two can bond with far away family members. This is a huge benefit for both the child and the grandparent, especially as many suffer with chronic loneliness.

5. Using smart watches and wearables responsibly: Smart devices like digital wristbands are now trending among many parents and children. They encourage children to be active and some have GPS tracking devices that sync to phones and let parents know where their children are without being too invasive.

While these are all positive ways technology can be used, there must be limits and we need to stress the importance of monitoring, protecting and limiting children’s time with technology, as it does come with its dangers.

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