Community pharmacies offer free blood pressure checks

FREE blood pressure checks are now available at all Saddleworth’s community pharmacies for anyone over the age of 40 as the NHS rolls out the scheme nationwide.

It is estimated that one in 10 people goes undiagnosed with high blood pressure, also called hypertension, which can increase the risk of a heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular disease.

So now a quick five-minute visit to your local community pharmacy, including all Well Pharmacies and Strachan’s Chemist in Saddleworth, could catch the problem early on.

Michael Johnson demonstrating a free blood pressure check

Michael Johnson, Pharmacy Manager at Well Pharmacy in Uppermill, explained: “Around one person in 10 goes undiagnosed with high blood pressure so if we just find that one person who doesn’t know, then we are helping.

“Because of Covid there is a backlog at the doctors and hospitals so this is one way we can do our bit to help.”

There is no need to book an appointment, you can just walk into a pharmacy for a
check-up and you will get your results immediately.

All results are also passed onto your GP and if your blood pressure is high, you can be invited back for a second check and monitoring, then referred for further investigation if necessary.

Well Pharmacy in Greenfield

If an ambulatory monitor is required, that can be fitted at the pharmacy to avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital.

Michael added: “So far we have picked up seven people for ambulatory monitoring.

“Five have been ok but two have since been referred and are getting treatment.

“We can give you some general health advice to help too, such as walking, losing weight, eating healthily, don’t smoke, and reduce your salt and alcohol intake.

“We want to let any many people know as possible so they can get checked.

“It just takes five minutes and it is free so it is simple and easy to do.”

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