Community steps out to support MP’s Memory Walk

OLDHAM East and Saddleworth MP Debbie Abrahams has thanked the members of the community who stepped out to join her fifth annual Memory Walk in Alexandra Park.

The Memory Walk aims to raise awareness of dementia, as part of the Dementia Friendly Oldham campaign, and show solidarity with and support of people living with dementia.

It also raises vital money for the Alzheimer’s Society to fund support and research.

Around 30 people joined this year’s walk on Saturday, September 30 around the beautiful, award-winning park, with a guided tour from former teacher Jeremy Sutcliffe.

Walkers join MP Debbie Abrahams

Ms Abrahams, the first MP to train as a Dementia Friends Champion, serves as Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia and provided care for her mother Angela who had Alzheimer’s Disease.

She said: “I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part in my fifth annual Memory Walk in Alexandra Park.

“It was great to see our wonderful community coming together to raise awareness about dementia.

“This is just one part of our Dementia Friendly Oldham campaign which I will continue to promote as your Member of Parliament.

“In Parliament the APPG will be publishing our new report looking at the inequalities in dementia diagnosis rates, what we need to do about this and the funding that our social care system needs to deliver this.”

As well as the Memory Walk, the Dementia Friendly Oldham campaign has involved rolling out Dementia Friends Sessions which Ms Abrahams has facilitated.

3 Replies to “Community steps out to support MP’s Memory Walk”

    1. Who is this nasty little urchin. Always something horrible to say where MP Abrahams is concerned. Did she reject you once you horrible sad excuse for a human?

      1. My own and my wife’s experiences, (my wife who is disabled,) of dealing with her as our MP have been less than positive, (and that’s putting it politely,) and this would be a view shared by many of her other constituents.

        I’m, also still appalled by the historic Blair legacy, (the Private Finance Initiatives and The Public Private Partnerships,) dating back to her time as a NHS manager and particularly by the current state of NHS post Burnham and co, (and of course Mid Staff.)

        In my experience whilst she’s pretty good at marketing herself as a brand; empathic, compassionate and kind, those are just buzz words to her and are certainly not personal traits that she much exhibits.

        So if you conclude from that that I’m not a fan, you’d be entirely correct.

        However having said that my comment above was actually intended light heartedly, but you can take it any way you like.

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