Councillor says ‘Sieg heil’ during meeting

A COUNCILLOR has found himself caught up in a row after uttering the words ‘Sieg heil’ during a meeting.

But Marc Hince claims he is the victim of a ‘hate campaign’ after calls for his resignation.

The Shaw and Crompton Independent caused a stir when he came out with the phrase associated with the Nazis and leader Adolf Hitler in the meeting of the area’s parish council on May 21.

As a vote was taken on whether the public should not be allowed to hear an item as it was seen to contain commercially sensitive information, Cllr Hince can clearly be heard saying, ‘Sieg heil.’

“Excuse me, can we keep the language to the point?” said chair Cllr Lee Navesey as Cllr Hince added towards Cllr Louie Hamblett: “Is that what you’re saying there, Louie?”

Cllr Hamblett replied: “Your words, sir. Not mine.”

The meeting of Shaw Parish Council

Cllr Hince – recently at the centre of a row over historic photographs showing him in a uniform bearing Nazi symbols, which he admitted was a ‘bad choice’ – had earlier spoken about ‘the need sometimes for confidentiality in terms of meetings.’

He said, before being cut off: “I think it’s really a given that such confidentiality is afforded to proper parties and I find it quite disingenuous…”

Hearing the words ’Sieg heil’ sparked an angry reaction from Cllr Tom Penketh, who said: “What I witnessed in the meeting that night was disgusting and an insult to the people of our town and country as a whole.

“An elected councillor has used a Nazi phrase, which praises Hitler, and tried to laugh it off.

“We have a strong community of veterans in Shaw and Crompton, both through our British Legion branch and the veterans located at The Cartshaft.

“I wonder how they feel after Cllr Hince’s abhorrent behaviour?  There is no place for fascist beliefs in our country let alone our town.

“It is clear to me people are starting to see the real Marc Hince, and as the saying goes, a leopard never changes its spots!

Cllr Hince is stating “Is that what you’re saying there, Louie”

“Cllr Hince should publicly apologise and resign immediately.”

After being approached by the Shaw and Crompton Correspondent (sister title of the Saddleworth Independent) for his response and his context of the outburst, Cllr Hince took aim at political opponents and even this title.

His recent decision to side with the ruling Labour group in his Oldham Borough Council role, on which he represents Shaw ward, stopped an alliance including the Liberal Democrats saw an attempt to oust leader Cllr Arooj Shah narrowly fail.

In a lengthy response, carried in full, Cllr Hince said: “This is just part of a hate campaign against me facilitated by the Lib Dems.

“If you watch the video of the meeting and not just a snippet as sent to you no doubt by the Lib Dems.

“You will actually see I am calling out Cllr Louie Hamblett for making what appears to be NAZI salutes in my direction when voting!

“No doubt a reference to a politically motivated story regarding me attending a WW2 event over 10 years ago. Which has been pushed by political opponents.

“There are enough witnesses at the meeting to corroborate this.

“Frankly, this whole campaign against me, which has included some of the most vile abuse, including death threats, must stop.

“I find it very disappointing small media outlets in need of sensationalism seen keen on perpetuating this abuse. By playing into the hands by those creating this hatred for their own political gain.

“I will now be taking legal advice with a view to taking action against any person or publication, which makes false comments or spurious accusations.”

The video of the full meeting of Shaw and Crompton Parish Council, in which the incident occurs about one hour and six minutes in, can be found at


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  1. The meeting in which Cllr Hince said ‘sieg heil’ was BEFORE the image was published showing him in a nazi uniform. This proves Cllr Hamblett had absolutely no reason (or any knowledge) to make any comment or gesture regarding the image. There is no excuse for the behaviour shown, an utter disgrace.

  2. Councillor louie Hamblett and Councillor Murphy (off screen) were trying to provoke Councillor Hince calling him Hitler and kim Jong Un. This happens regulary and even more when Murphy is in the public gallery as Hamblett gets cocky and tries to show off in front of him.

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