Councillors launch new Saddleworth flood campaign with help leaflet

FLOODING IN Saddleworth is being tackled by dedicated Parish Councillors who have produced a helpful advice leaflet and have plans in the pipeline for a new flood plan.

Cllr Paul Fryer and Cllr Katrina Roman, helped by other Parish Councillors, have put together the leaflet and had 7,000 printed to distribute around the community.

p14 flooding leaflet
Cllr Katrina Roman, Cllr Jamie Curley, Cllr Paul Fryer and Cllr Pam Byrne show off the new leaflets at Uppermill stepping stones

The leaflet includes where to look for local flood warnings, hints for preparing your property for floods or dealing with the aftermath, and emergency contact numbers.

Cllr Fryer is inviting community associations to bid for a number of the leaflets then use their local knowledge to deliver them to the homes most likely to be flooded.

Leaflets will also be distributed to local libraries and will be available from the Civic Hall for anyone to pick up.

Cllr Roman said: “We’ve deliberately kept the leaflet simple and clear just with helpful things on there that people need to know.”

The councillors also organised a conference in November to bring together bodies including The Environment Agency, Oldham Council and United Utilities to discuss a flood plan.

Saddleworth Parish Council will be working alongside these agencies.

Future conferences will be held when locals will be able to find out more, and also get involved as flood wardens, testing culverts and helping to compile information.

To bid for leaflets, community associations should call the Parish Council: 01457 876665.


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  1. To be fore-warned of pending flooding and how to prevent damage to homes and businesses will be an asset, but it seems that no one is responsible for the upkeep and cleaning of the drainage systems. Years ago it was done on a regular basis, but nowadays most of the grids are blocked with dirt and have grass and other assorted vegetation sprouting from them.

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