Cup competition clashes drawn for J W Lees Pennine Cricket League

cricket pennine leagueDRAWS FOR various cup competitions in the J W Lees Pennine Cricket League were made last night at Norden.

The Wood Cup and Tanner Cup are for first teams while the Burton Cup and Moore Cup are for second X1 sides.

TANNER CUP, 1ST ROUND (to be played Sunday June 19)
Royton v Milnrow
Stayley v Ashton
Crompton v Friarmere
Glodwick v Oldham
Micklehurst v Monton & Weaste
Hollinwood v Shaw
Werneth v Heyside
Middleton v Greenfield

MOORE CUP, 1ST ROUND (to be played Sunday, June 19)
Walsden v Rochdale
Moorside v Micklehurst
Milnrow v Monton & Weaste
Shaw v Ashton

Due to the 1st XI taking preference and also being drawn at home the following three
fixtures are to be reversed:
Royton v Uppermill (to be played at Uppermill).
Hollinwood v Heyside (to be played at Heyside).
Stayley v Saddleworth (to be played at Saddleworth).

The following fixture is to be played on Sunday, June 26 due to both 1st X1 teams being drawn at home in the Tanner Cup on Sunday, June 19:
Werneth v Middleton

The draw for the second round of both Tanner and Moore Cups will take place
on Monday, June 20 at a venue to be decided.

WOOD CUP, 2ND ROUND (to be played Sunday, June 26)
Walsden v Norden
Saddleworth v Moorside
Uppermill v Littleborough
Rochdale v Austerlands

BURTON CUP, 2ND ROUND (to be played on Sunday, June 26)
Oldham v Greenfield
Littleborough v Crompton
Austerlands v Glodwick
Friarmere v Norden


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