Cycling in Saddleworth: Why Is It So Popular And What Does The Future Hold?

CYCLING has been a popular activity in Saddleworth for some time now. Whether it’s the dark of Winter or the light of Summer, chances are you’ll stumble upon a cyclist during your visit. But in this article, we’re going to be looking closer into why Saddleworth is such a hotspot for cycling enthusiasts, and what the future holds for the thigh-killing sport.

Saddleworth Cycling Routes

Cyclists come back to Saddleworth because of what it has to offer. There are many trails to conquer, from expert to intermediate, and it takes time for cyclists to work their way through these routes. Not to mention those who like to complete the trails multiple times throughout the seasons! In terms of the most challenging trails, you have the gorgeous but intimidating 31.8-mile Castle Hill route that overlooks the town of Huddersfield in stunning fashion. You also have the 24-mile Holme Moss trail – the sights are simply breath-taking and give you the full picture of proper Yorkshire beauty.

Why Saddleworth?

It’s not always easy for cyclists to find an area that offers plenty of scenic trails that come with their own unique challenges and achievements. The fact that veteran cyclists and newcomers can enjoy the routes means there’s something for everyone. And one thing they all have in common is the gorgeous scenery you’re guaranteed along the way. Saddleworth is such a hit with cyclists that it was used as one of the many locations during the Tour of Britain event back in September of this year.

The Future Of Cycling

Cycling is a sport that resonates with people around the world. And according to the Internet, its notoriety is growing. But why? With the new work-from-home scheme becoming the norm in most office roles, the need for staying active is becoming greater. Cycling can be the remedy for that. By now, you’ve probably heard enough about how we need to be doing more to fight against harmful emissions that are polluting the ground we walk on. Cycling is an effective travel alternative with no carbon footprint.

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If you compare this to cycling games, they are few and far between, even casino games. And for the games that do exist, they’re simply not on the same level of popularity and success compared to football. But the number of cyclists discovering their newfound love is growing. It may only be a matter of time before it makes its way into mainstream sport and spawns several types of merchandise.

Rounding Things Off

It seems that more cyclists are joining the roads and the countryside trails each year. And Saddleworth will be no exception. If this is the case, we could start seeing more cyclists riding the Yorkshire trails and even having new ones being made. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for more cycling merchandise along the way!

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