Dave’s double ‘trammie’

SADDLEWORTH MOTORIST Dave Bolan thought he was seeing double when he saw a car on a new Metroline – heading for Oldham Mumps station.

Davie, 52, a father of two from Scouthead, was travelling to a business meeting when a saloon car in front of him driving towards the town centre from Huddersfield Road, turned left onto the track which links the rails to the town’s passenger stop.

And while other motorists shook their heads in disbelief at the stranded vehicle, it was the second time in less than a month Dave had witnessed chaos on the line.

He said: “I just couldn’t believe it at first. The first incident came soon after the Metrolink extension opened.

“I saw a car heading the other way up the line towards Shaw – with a tram behind it.

“This time, the car had turned left and was facing directly towards Mumps station.

“The motorist had travelled about ten yards along the track, but could not reverse because the car had past over the section where the lines were embedded in the road way. Consequently, it was actually stuck on the rails.”

He added: “It’s confusing, particularly if you do not know the area. There used to be a big roundabout at the spot but that has been demolished to accommodate the new Metrolink tram.

“If you are not paying attention, it is easy to leave the embedded track and finish up on the rails.

“Luckily, the car did not go as far as the station but it simply could not reverse off the track. It makes you wonder how many times this may have has happened and not been reported,” he mused.

The Metrolink website announced a ‘temporary suspension’ of Shaw and Crompton line operating to Manchester Victoria because of a car on the track and normal service was later restored.

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