Delph Primary School celebrates its 70th birthday

CHILDREN and staff have been going back through the decades to mark the 70th birthday of Delph Primary School.

The current site on Denshaw Road first opened on September 5, 1953 after the closure of Delph Infant School, now St Thomas’ Church.

Not wanting to let the occasion pass without celebration, the staff have planned activities and events across the school year.

Pupils at Delph Primary school celebrate its 70th birthday

Last week was ‘Delph Through The Decades’ when each year group was assigned a decade – from 1960s through to 2010s.

Pupils learned about various events and topics linked to their allocated decade, and they were invited to come dressed accordingly for their decade.

There was also a Family Assembly at the end of the week, when parents came in to hear about the children’s learning and everyone sang Happy Birthday.

Rachael Swaby, head teacher, said: “The parents queued all the way up the main road to come and watch the children perform.

“The day was a fantastic success. The children looked fantastic and they represented their decade really well.

“We had Pac-Man, Super Mario, Elvis, John Lennon, The Spice Girls and The T Birds to name but a few!

“Reception class opened the celebration assembly with Happy Birthday and the other year groups followed with their presentations.

“Year 1 talked to us about Banksy and Year 3 told us all about the invention of the internet. The audience were invited to join in with the Macarena!

“The kitchen staff treated us all to delicious ‘70’ buns with our lunch.”

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  1. Such happy memories for me. I started at Delph Co unity Primary School as it was called then in September 1953. I remember my teacher was called Mrs Dawson and she was lovely. A vivid memory is going to school on the first day and being allocated a coat peg with a picture and my name above it.

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