Diggle photographer’s special afternoon helps mums on World Kindness Day

A kind-hearted mum from Diggle delivered a bundle of joy to Barnardo’s after a unique World Kindness Day initiative with Saddleworth mums.

Bev and daughter Victoria at the event at Grandpa Greene’s

Bev Ridyard pledged to share kindness with a portion of the population who could always do with a bit of help to get through the day – mums – for the national celebration last month.

So, she held a kindness event at Grandpa Greene’s café at Ward Lane, Diggle, and offered a complimentary photo for parents or carers with their children.

All she asked in return was people donate an item of children’s clothing for Barnardo’s – and the response was beyond her expectations.

“It was overwhelming,” said Bev, who owns ‘Inspired By Joseph’ photography. “I feared no one would turn up but we were really busy all day!

“Being a mum is hard! Mums care for others and give kindness in bucket loads while often not being kind to themselves or being able to ask others for acts of kindness in return.

“I hold my hand up and say I am one of these mums which has inspired me to create this event and do something for mums, as well as Barnardo’s.

“I really enjoyed it as I love taking photos of people and sharing them. We got all ages coming in from tiny babies to young children and their parents, so it was lovely.”

Some of the donations for Barnardo’s

Bev, who is mum to Joseph, 3, and Victoria, 2, added: “I hope the day made people think about being kind.

“Joseph has been being kind and holding the door open for them all to come in and out! We’ve talked to the children about being kind and what they can do.

“You do not have to spend money to be kind and it can really make a big difference to someone’s day.”

She added: “Grandpa Greene’s have been fantastic and really supportive in hosting the event.

“So have Play2 in Diggle who provided a free play session before or after the kindness event so the little ones could have a run around for free.”

After the event, Bev had amassed a huge collection of donated t-shirts, bibs, dresses, trousers, nappies, coats and more, which she delivered to Barnardo’s.


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