Discover Thrive Wellness Chiropractic – A Place Where Wellness Thrives.

WHEN it comes to chiropractic, people may often associate them with back and neck pain.

However, at Thrive Wellness Chiropractic, they go much deeper than that!

Their mission is to enhance the lives of their community, ensuring that their practice members experience holistic well-being, going beyond simply relieving aches and pains.

Located at 153 Yorkshire Street, their chiropractic clinic has proudly served the community for over 30 years, building lasting relationships with those who have benefited from the dedicated team’s expertise.

At Thrive Wellness Chiropractic, they provide comprehensive wellness care services to a wide range of individuals

From the moment you step through their doors, you will experience a welcoming and inclusive environment that caters to your individual needs.

At Thrive Wellness UK, chiropractic is just one facet of what they offer; they are a multi-disciplinary practice that provides a range of complementary services.

The team includes massage therapists and rehabilitation specialists – specialising in pre and post-surgical rehabilitation and sports injuries – working in tandem with the chiropractors to aid patients’ recovery.

At Thrive Wellness Chiropractic, they provide comprehensive wellness care services to a wide range of individuals – from neonates to expectant mothers, athletes and the older population.

Their specialised care encompasses a broad spectrum of patients, ensuring their well-being at every stage of their lives, addressing their unique healthcare needs with precision and compassion.

Each patient’s journey with them begins with a comprehensive assessment, where the chiropractors delve into the root causes of your concerns and suggests personalized care plans.

The commitment to lifetime care ensures that each person receives ongoing support, tailored to their unique requirements.

They emphasise the importance of maintaining your wellness, and just like working out at the gym, consistency leads to positive results.

In recent years, with the shift to remote working, they’ve noticed a rise in posture-related issues.

Whether you’re adapting to a hybrid work setup or working from home, their approach applies to everyone, regardless of your lifestyle or circumstances.

Their second practice in Lindley, Huddersfield which was established in July 2021, is a testament to the high standard of care they provide.

The team at Thrive Wellness Chiropratic

When you visit them, you’ll immediately feel at ease in the warm and friendly atmosphere – ensuring you feel comfortable from the moment you arrive.

To make chiropractic more accessible to everyone, Thrive Wellness Chiropractic is currently offering a 50 per cent discount on your initial consultation until the end of September.

They believe that investing in your health is invaluable and encourage everyone to prioritise their own self-care.

Visit them at 153 Yorkshire Street in Oldham, where we are open from 7.30am until 7pm, Monday to Friday, and from 8am until 1pm on Saturdays.

You can book an appointment through its website or through its Facebook – – or Instagram – – page.

You can also call them on 0161 628 7319.


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  1. Thrive Wellness Chiropractic’s approach to holistic well-being is commendable. Their commitment to addressing patients’ unique healthcare needs, from neonates to expectant mothers and athletes to the older population, reflects a comprehensive approach to wellness. As practitioners focused on musculoskeletal health, it’s heartening to see their emphasis on personalized care plans and ongoing support. In today’s digital age, where posture-related issues are on the rise due to remote work, their inclusive approach is invaluable. Moreover, their initiative to make chiropractic more accessible through a discount on initial consultations underscores their dedication to enhancing the community’s overall health and well-being. Prioritizing self-care is indeed invaluable, and Thrive Wellness Chiropractic embodies this ethos.

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