Dobcross Youth Band performs special show for Trevor

WHIT Friday came early to one much-loved Dobcross man as the village’s band went to him to perform.

Trevor Platt is no longer able to attend the Band Club, where he served as secretary of the Silver Band and was involved in organising and running the contest for several years.

Trevor Platt pictured with his wife and Musical Director for Dobcross Youth Band, Seth. Image by GGC Media

But on the evening of Tuesday, May 30, the sweet sound of music echoed through the air as Dobcross Youth Band surprised him by performing outside his home on Sandy Lane.

Conducted by musical director Seth Livingstone, the boys and girls did a superb rendition of The Contestor, with the man they did it for watching on.

And the gesture was much appreciated as Trevor said: “That was brilliant. It was very good of them to do that.”

Several locals also turned out to watch the rendition, watched by Band Club steward John Holden, which was greeted with a hearty round of applause.

Trevor enjoying the music. Image by GGC Media

After that, it was very much on to the small matter of Whit Friday – and marching practice ahead of the event.

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