Dr Kershaw’s Facilities Officer releases poem to rally nation and support NHS during COVID-19

PART-TIME poet Paul Barnes, who is Facilities Officer at Dr Kershaw’s Hospice, has written a poem to help rally the nation and show support for the NHS during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Paul has been particularly inspired by the bravery of his sister Jenny Smith, a National Health Service (NHS) frontline keyworker, as well as his fellow colleagues at the hospice in Royton.

Paul Barnes, Facilities Officer at Dr Kershaw’s Hospice

He wrote the poem to show his love and respect for all the work they are doing at this difficult time and he also touches on the importance of the public staying home to help save lives and protect the NHS.

The poem, simply titled, COVID-19, reflects on the impact the virus has had on daily life for all, highlighting the unsung heroes the country has become reliant on.

Paul’s thoughtful poem was made public for the first time on Thursday, April 16 on Dr Kershaw’s Hospice’s social media pages at 8pm as the community again showed its support of NHS staff and keyworkers.

He said: “Working in the Hospice environment I have always had admiration and respect for my colleagues and my sister.

“Given the current situation I thought it was only right to put into words how much society appreciates all their effort and commitment during this time while highlighting the importance of people in our community and beyond following Government guidelines so together we can beat this.”

Dr Kershaw’s Hospice provides specialist palliative care for adults with life-limiting illnesses in a peaceful and homely environment. Find out more on their website: https://www.drkershawshospice.org.uk


By Paul Barnes

It started out in China
It killed without a care
We all got told to stay at home,
But we didn’t and had a mare.

We passed it round between us
We sweated, touched and coughed
Infection carried on and on
Even though our hands were washed.

Isolated in our homes,
We couldn’t go to work,
An outside trip was once a day
Driving us berserk.

We couldn’t see our family
We couldn’t see our friends
We couldn’t congregate in groups
It drove us round the bend.

We’d go to the supermarket
And stand six feet apart
Better than six feet under
The depth of a shopping cart

But sacrifices had to be made
To help in times of strife
So up stepped a group of heroes
From varied walks of life

It wasn’t the chief executives
Or the multi-millionaires
It was the normal people in our towns
That showed they really cared.

The doctors and the nurses
The delivery women and men
The cleaning staff and the shop workers
And even the man in Number 10.

One thing’s for sure, we’ll come out of this,
But our numbers will be less
But let us not forget their souls
And give them each a bless.

Let’s pass this on as a ray of hope
Steadfast in our aim
We will not be beaten by this disease
We will not play its game.

Come on now team lets stick together
Let us not digress
Stay at home, help saves lives
And protect the NHS.

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  1. Poet Pauls second poem to commemorate his brother who is also a key worker on different frontline services.

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