Election 2021: Luke Lancaster gains Saddleworth North for Conservatives

Luke Lancaster (Con) is Saddleworth North’s new representative on Oldham Council after defeating incumbent Garth Harkness (Lib Dem).

Cllr Lancaster, who also sits on Saddleworth Parish Council, received the most votes – 1,316 – to claim the victory and join Oldham Council for the first time.

At 22, he joins Cllr Max Woodvine as one of the borough’s youngest ever yard councillors.

The votes were: Louise Banawich (Green): 255; Chris Green (Reform UK): 29; Connor Green (Lab): 663; Garth Harkness (Lib Dem): 902; Luke Lancaster (Con): 1,316; Gary Tarbuck (Proud of Oldham and Saddleworth): 562.

Luke Lancaster

3 Replies to “Election 2021: Luke Lancaster gains Saddleworth North for Conservatives”

  1. Well done Luke, You are the only representative we have seen in person ,at least 3 or 4 times on our street, you’ve worked tremendously hard for your victory. Congratulations.

  2. I hope it will lead to a cancellation of the Oldham town centre planned by the labour-led council with its huge town debt in borrowings which would follow.

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