Extinction Rebellion goes local

THE emergence of Extinction Rebellion in 2018 now has a voice locally with the formation of a Mossley and Saddleworth Group.Unlike some high-profile demonstrations, including recent traffic disrupting protests in London and Manchester, these new campaigners put their message across with banners and fliers.

Shoppers in Uppermill were greeted with a smile and offered leaflets as they walked down the high street.

The group, increasingly concerned about the climate crisis, has since organised a public meeting at the Kingfisher pub in Greenfield and further gatherings are planned for 2020.

They say Saddleworth and Mossley are already feeling the effects of the changing climate, due to increasing carbon dioxide.

From the moorland fires to flooding in bottom Mossley, the branch is highlighting environmental concerns do not stop in Australia or London.

Nic, who works for the health service, said: “We felt it was important to highlight the climate crisis, especially close to an election.

“Action is now urgent because the science and the news stories are clear.”

Extinction Rebellion was founded by Roger Hallam and Gail Bradbrook in 2018.

An hourglass inside a circle, known as the extinction symbol, is used to warn time is running out for many species, including humans, their motto is ‘rebel for life.’

Celebrities who have spoken out in support include Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, NASA scientist James Hansen and actress Emma Thompson.

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