Familiar Uppermill store makes the move to new premises

A FAMILIAR name on Uppermill’s High Street certainly cannot be accused of not being loyal after moving into it fifth site in the village.

Mother and daughter duo Veronica Walsh and Amanda Maddox feel as though they are now settling in after making the switch to what used to be Oliviccio deli.

Had they not found an alternative base, there is every chance a name that has been part of the scenery since 1991 would have disappeared.

Mother and daughter duo Veronica Walsh and Amanda Maddox

But fate intervened and now the new bigger, brighter premises, packed with colour, are allowing them to further what has made the boutique stand out.

Amanda said: “What we do is quite trendy fashion but not over the top. It’s ageless too.

“We buy a lot of Danish products as we like it to be more boutique and individual, so people aren’t walking around in the same clothes.

“And fashion is colour at the moment. We buy from good brands that specialise in boutique stores like ours, they don’t supply high street shops.”

Luan Matthews first set up in Uppermill 32 years ago after Veronica noticed a difference to the area as she visited her mother.

Since then, the business has been in the building now known as Muse, the craft centre at Alexandra Mill and two other places along the same stretch of road.

Veronica said: “I already had a shop in Mottram but thought I’d have two.

“My mum lived in Diggle and I knew Saddleworth was the only place that opened on a Sunday. It was really busy, so I thought that’s the place to be.

“Eventually I sold the Mottram store, came here and I’ve never looked back.

“And with this new store, things happen for a reason. Had we not found anywhere, we would’ve just called it a day, we wouldn’t have gone anywhere else.

“But sometimes I think fate takes a hand.”

Looking for new premises meant plenty of searching before a social media post changed everything.

Amanda added: “We were looking for somewhere to go as there was nowhere available.

“We were a bit worried and I got in my car and drove around Saddleworth looking for places.

“Then I remembered Oliviccio said they were closing, so I pulled in, went on Facebook and messaged them to see of they could pass my number on to the landlord.

“We got it and I phoned him up and it fell into place. It’s as if it was meant to be. I can see us continuing now until retiring, I feel like we’re getting more settled in now.”

And as they are mother and daughter, are there the usual family arguments between Veronica and Amanda?

“We work really well,” said mum, to which her child added: “We’re in tune mentally. It’s like we know what the other one’s going to say or do and what they’re thinking.”

*LUAN Matthews is based at 109, High Street, Uppermill and the shop is open from Wednesday to Saturday between 10am and 5pm and on Sunday from noon until 4pm.

Alternatively, you can log on to their sister website at www.mystylemonkey.com.


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