Flavour of Saddleworth to be unveiled in new gin

AFTER months of careful testing and tasting, a team of dedicated Saddleworth ladies have designed a Gin which will tickle your tastebuds this Christmas.

The new Saddleworth Gin

And this tipple really is the taste of Saddleworth as it’s infused with heather from the hillsides, rushes from the water-meadows, and natural botanicals from local countryside.

As well as the tasting team, two local businesses have been involved in creating the eye-catching appearance of the product.

Bottles that will be mailed out will feature a protective cap designed by Twinetops, a creative team which is based in Delph and Denshaw.

And instead of a label each bottle will be hand-etched by Glass Etchcetera, a highly talented outfit based in Uppermill.

“Both these businesses already make a huge contribution to the magic we’ve created at TOAST in Delph,” says Brian Hockenhull who is launching the new gin.

“This year Twinetops have produced all the festive decoration for TOAST, and it’s really spectacular!

“As for the bottles, they look so good with the etching that we’re pretty sure everyone will want to hold on to them.

“It’s a gin designed by local people, harvesting our local countryside, engaging local artisans and donating to local causes. That’s the true spirit of Saddleworth!

“People will be able to bring their empty bottles back to TOAST and get them re-filled at a lower price – and that helps the environment too.”

Saddleworth Gin will be launched at a party at TOAST on Saturday, December 2 from 7.30-10.30pm.

And during the fun event, the Saddleworth Gin Queen will be crowned.

“It’s a bit of fun really, almost like an adult version of the Rose Queen,” added Brian.

“But there’s a more serious side to it as well. For every bottle of Saddleworth Gin sold, £1 is going to be donated to worthy local causes. And that’s not just for this year, it’s forever.

“And I’d like this year’s Saddleworth Gin Queen, and her successors, to have a big say in where the funds finally end up.”

Saddleworth Gin is available to buy from TOAST Saddleworth, situated in Saddleworth Business Centre, behind the Old Bell Inn.

TOAST Saddleworth is a coffee and wine specialists, as well as selling a range of gins including Ophir Spiced Gin, Monkey47Gin, and Original Manchester Gin. For more details call 01457 820270 for more details or visit their Facebook page: toastsaddleworth


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