Fly fishing experience to hook reservoir visitors

DAYTRIPPERS and tourists heading for a Saddleworth beauty spot will soon have a new attraction to help them wile away the hours.

Enterprising farmer Chris Crowther and his family are introducing fly fishing at Yeoman Hey reservoir, Dovestone’s little brother.

More than 500 blue rainbows were released on March 28 to join the descendants of brown trout originally stocked in the 1960s.

The first anglers are expected at the beauty spot adjacent to Dovestone Reservoir on April 1.

If initial interest is any guideline, the venture has already hooked the interest of locals and anglers from further afield.

Chris’ daughter Claire and his partner Angela Seddon have organised the initiative as Upperwood Estate Fishing.

“We have had the rights but never opened it up to the public before,” explained Chris.

“But we are always looking at different options to bring in extra income and leisure pursuits are becoming more popular.

“A lot of sheep farmers are nervous because of the uncertainty over Brexit.

“So, introducing trout fishing is one idea, assimilated game shooting is another.

“We will see how it goes and if there is demand we will re-stock in the summer.”

“I didn’t realise so many people were into their fishing,” added Angela. “We’ve had more enquiries for this than the home-made sausages we sell,” she laughed.

There will be a variety of options available for prospective fishermen and women including day, family and season tickets.

Individuals will be allowed two fish per ticket, available for £20.

There’s also a sportman’s ticket at £12 for anglers wishing to return the fish to the water.

The season will run through to November and fishing will be from the bank only. No boats will be allowed.

And Chris has promised to ensure conditions are adhered to and checks made to deter potential poachers.

“We will be putting up signs and providing advice to make sure only legal bait can be used and the right number of fish taken.

“And we will probably bailiff it with a drone a few times a day just to make sure everything is okay.”

• For more details on Upperwood Estate Fishing contact 07958 646432 or 07496 146250.

Tickets are also available from the Premier store on Chew Valley Road, Greenfield.

9 Replies to “Fly fishing experience to hook reservoir visitors”

  1. Since there’s a public footpath all the way around Yeoman Hey, I hope the Crowthers have insurance. Walkers and flyfishing don’t always mix very happily!

    Fishermen’s back-casting can be pretty dangerous!

  2. Brilliant been saying it for years it’s full of brownies anyway, maybe designate a bank for course /any method fishing for the non fly guys? There are a lot more non fly fishers.
    Cracking idea.

  3. Ruining a wild brown fishery with finless stocked rainbows. What a fantastic idea. They were better left alone, most of the brownies originated from the residents of the greenfields brook rather than previous stocking. The wild trout trust would give good advice on maintaining the fishery.
    Make it wild trout only and fly only and I’d be game. A trout taken on legered worm is going to swallow the hook and be done for, treble hook spinners/rapalas will damage their mouths.

  4. For the past decade, Lure fishing has undoubtedly become the fastest growing sport in the UK. Congratulations for welcoming Lure anglers to your excellent fishery. Too many Trout fisheries remain exclusive to fly fishing. I hope this is a huge success for you.

  5. Good to see a forward thinking trout venue, each year sees a decline in the number of fly fisherman, yet lure angling is on the increase, eventually most trout waters will embrace lure angling too.

  6. Yes let’s all embrace lure fishing at the expense of the wild population. Me thinks some friends of the idiots at upperwood are posting. I hear they’re stocking golden trout now. Who advises them or do they make it up as they go along. I for one will keep turning people away from there as they’ve destroyed an unspoiled wild fishery in less than a season. Well done to the money grabbers!

    1. What a knob. I think the farmer deserves prase for what he has done not slagging off. Take a trip to Scotland or Wales and look at all the reservoir fisheries there and how beautiful they are. If you want my advice farmer. YOU GO FOR IT MATE I SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY AND DONT LISTEN TO ALL THE ARSEHOLES WITH BAD COMENTS.

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