Forest fun comes to Friezland

THERE was a day of forest fun at Friezland Primary School as pupils and staff swapped their classrooms for the great outdoors.

The ‘Outdoor Learning Day’ is held annually and sees the whole school take their lessons outside as part of their Forest School ethos.Covid restrictions meant this year’s activities had to be carried out in class bubbles – but that didn’t stop pupils enjoying the host of activities on offer.

A full timetable for the day saw them craft dream catchers out of willow, paint pebbles, make potions, build dens, make artwork out of leaves and sticks, and enjoy team exercises.

Cheryl Butterworth, Early Years Lead and SLE, explained: “Children took part in a variety of activities to promote team building skills and encourage a care for the natural world and local environment.


“They developed the skills of problem solving, risk taking and investigation through creating their own dens and making potions.

“Each child also decorated a pebble with a positive, happy message. These rocks will be left around our community to bring a smile to someone’s face – look out for them when you are out and about in Greenfield!

“So much of our school learning is about our surroundings and thinking about our world and this day just captures that.

“We take learning outdoors as much as we can and there is so much we can do outside including maths, PE, and science.

“It gives them an appreciation of the natural world and caring for the environment, and makes them more aware of problems such as climate change.

“If they start to learn and are aware of things from a young age, then they have those skills and knowledge for life.”

Friezland Primary has been a Forest School for 12 years, with initially just reception taking part but it has now developed to be enjoyed by the whole school.

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