Garth Harkness calls for ‘grown up politics’ after Saddleworth North win

GARTH Harkness believes Oldham Council’s new make-up can stop the ‘decline’ after he was re-elected in Saddleworth North.

The Liberal Democrat received 1,279 votes – 500 ahead of his nearest rival, Labour’s Hannah Roberts.

But as he gets to work in an authority now under no overall control, he feels that change may see a boost in the way it operates, with a call to show ‘grown up politics.’

Cllr Harkness said: “I am so thankful to the people of Saddleworth for emphatically putting their faith in me.

Cllrs Garth Harkness and Helen Bishop

“They have been lovely.  This is the biggest win I have had and my biggest majority and I am so grateful.

“It has been a very busy year and a tough campaign. I am privileged now to continue to stand up for Saddleworth on Oldham Council.

“Since I got back on the council last year, I have seen a general decline on Oldham Council.

“Not enough listening by the administration and it is a battle to get the basics right. It has become nasty and toxic with a lot of disrespect from some in other parts of the borough.

“This is not the way I or my party behave. It is frustrating and sad.

“People disagree and debate is healthy. What has been happening is not and all councillors need to show a bit of grown-up politics.

“Oldham Council needs to change. Residents need to be listened to. Hopefully, this can now start to happen because it needs to.”

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