Gemma steps ahead of walking target

SADDLEWORTH Independent’s Gemma Carter got out from in front of her computer and strode into the great outdoors to raise money for Maggie’s Oldham.

300,000 steps in a month may seem a lot but our head of digital and social media obliterated the target with days to spare.

Some of the scenes she saw while out on her almost daily, sometime twice daily, hikes provided perfect inspiration. She also raised about £1,300 for Maggie’s.

Gemma found herself going here, there and everywhere around Saddleworth and the wider area.

Her challenge meant climbing up waterfalls, traversing narrow paths and getting close to nature – sometimes nature came close to her.

Gemma completing the challenge up at the trinnicle stones

But does she regret it? Not a chance.

“I’ve always been a keen walker and decided to do it for Maggie’s,” she said. “When you say it, 300,000 steps does sound a lot but when you break it down, it isn’t as much as you would think.
“And I loved going out and walking, even when the weather wasn’t too great.

“There were sunny days but there was also wind, rain and even snow. Thankfully, though, I was well prepared with warm clothes, blankets and an all-important flask.

“By the end of March, I had walked 139 miles and I would do it all again.

“The total amount raised is unbelievable. Initially, I thought I’d raise a few quid but I quickly had to adjust my target higher again, and again.

“Raising £1,300 for a charity like Maggie’s is great and I know every penny will be put to good use.”


After exceeding her steps target, Gemma could be forgiven for putting her feet up for a few days or maybe even a week.

Instead, she is determined to keep on going as she saw the health benefits of the challenge.

Gemma, whose longest walk was from Manchester city centre to Stalybridge, added: “100 per cent I’m going to keep on walking, I’ve got the bug now!

“I can already feel the benefits. I’m better at walking up hills – which is helpful for Saddleworth – and feel better generally.

“And with the weather warming up, I’ll have more chance to get out and experience some of the brilliant scenery in better conditions.”

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