Goodbye Gardenback Sell-out gig for local trio’s farewell

A SADDLEWORTH band has been rewarded with a sell-out show for its farewell performance.

Indie trio, Gardenback, are embarking on other projects after their farewell gig at Gulliver’s on Oldham Street in Manchester on December 18.

But the lads, Ellis, Neil and Jacob aim to go out on a high, raising funds for a cause close to their collective heart.


All profits will be donated to the John Hall Stage, a charity to support grassroots musicians and venues.

John, a well-known figure on the Manchester music scene and passionate supporter of up-and-coming bands, died in August, a month after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Gardenback, with its roots in Saddleworth, were among the bands who played a benefit gig for John at the Ritz earlier this year.

Other highlights of the group’s career include appearances at Cotton Clouds Festival, Greenfield and Kendal Calling in Cumbria.

Announcing their decision on social media, Gardenback said: “We never imagined a band starting in an attic room would lead us to where it has.

“We’re thankful to all the amazing people it’s brought into our lives and incredibly grateful for all the support we’ve been given over the years.

“We’ve become like brothers and it’s an announcement that comes with the heaviest of hearts, but no love is lost with this project ending.

“We’re all genuinely excited for where each other will go next. This isn’t the last time you hear music from us all.

“The names we’d like to thank are too many, but quickly we’d like to publicly thank our parents who inspired and supported us from the start.”

• MOSSLEY rockers Cabbage have kicked off their own farewell tour.


The group, formed in 2015, took to social media to announce their current UK jaunt, including a sell-out Manchester gig on December 11, will be their last.

Confirming their decision Cabbage said: “Reflecting back on the period of the last six
years will be life affirming, terrifying, awe inspiring but most importantly fulfilling.

“It’s with these ghastly adjectives that we begin to tell you that Cabbage as a group,
an institute and as a rag-tag caravan of cheek and roguery shall be no more.

“Carrying this burdening message only lifts the weight from our shoulders as we dive into an endless list of fresh musical projects and the day to day running of our glorious recording hub, Brassica studios.

“Although we will be parting ways we have a bucket list of shows, records and
documented hedonism to release. The upcoming tour is going to be our last and therefore we will be an expanded, all singing all dancing set.”

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