Grandpa Greene’s ordered to close at weekends due to potential public health risk

OLDHAM Council is to restrict the opening hours of a business because the large numbers of people visiting it are potentially creating a serious public health risk.

Grandpa Greene’s, Diggle must stay shut at weekends until at least March 4. The closure order will be reviewed every 7 days.

Councillor Arooj Shah, Deputy Leader of Oldham Council and Cabinet Member for COVID-19 Response, said: “Our staff have visited Grandpa Greene’s on a number of occasions, and the business owners have worked with us.

“But over the last few weeks we’ve received numerous complaints about large numbers of people congregating around the site and not social distancing – potentially helping to spread Coronavirus and therefore creating a clear threat to public health.

“Everyone must follow the restrictions, or you could be putting lives at risk.

“One of the main issues here is people travelling from outside the area to visit, which means it is getting really busy at weekends.

“Having looked at the evidence available to us again and having taken advice from Public Health colleagues we have now taken the decision to close the business on Saturday and Sundays.

“We never want to close any business, however, if we didn’t act then we would have been failing in our duty to protect staff, customers and the wider community.

“We’ll continue to monitor the situation over the coming weeks and will also be visiting other premises in the area.

“Please continue to exercise and get fresh air locally rather than travelling.”

8 Replies to “Grandpa Greene’s ordered to close at weekends due to potential public health risk”

  1. Thats appalling! Successful business being punished because people want to go there!!
    Why not ensure only local people visit by restricting parking!!!

    1. I am a fan of grandpa Greenes and before lockdown I visited quite often but the issue is how do you deal with a business that has grown too successful for the site it operates from. I think that the decision to close was inevitable. I appreciate the owners have worked closely with the police and others but it is simply to popular for such a small site particularly at weekends. There are issues with parking and driving down the road some parents seem to be oblivious to the risks of walking down the middle of the road. There are also issues with litter but the owners are making every endeavour to address this. However, you cannot fit the numbers of people who want to visit in the space available in a safe way..
      I certainly hope that once the COVID crisis is over we will all be able to enjoy visits to GGs.

  2. This is just wrong!
    GG has been open throughout the 3 lockdowns with no incidents to report off so why all of a sudden has the council decided its dangerous?
    The government have strict lockdown rules which GG has adhered to and under the rules they can trade. The rule breakers are those non locals travelling in cars to the Oldham area. Instead of doing everything in their power to punish the law breakers the local council decides to shut a local business as the solution.
    I suppose now the council are going to be consistent and also shut down the equally busy, local businesses in Uppermill, Greenfield and obviously Dove Stones will shut again.
    The local authorities and people should be supporting local businesses like GG who employ a large number of local people and purchase local products rather than simply shutting them down.
    The problem of non locals travelling in their numbers to our beautiful area, was a problem pre COVID and needs addressing properly but shutting local businesses will never be a solution!

  3. So I take it the council is also going to shut Uppermill at the weekend which is also rammed and will be even more so with shutting Granpa Greenes? Just asking for a friend 🙈

    1. Exactly what I came here to say. Uppermill is heaving every weekend with no signs of the majority following basic social distancing. Shame the council were not as strict with businesses and actual rule breakers in other parts of the Borough last year.

  4. Lockdown means just that. Everyone should be pulling their weight. That being businesses or the general public making a small sacrifice in the short term or else thois will just drag on and on. Everyone needs to commit to lockdown end of story.

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