Great start for little people in store at Satellite Centre

THE pitter patter of little feet will be heard at the Satellite Centre in Greenfield thanks to new Baby Yoga and Baby Massage sessions.

Baby Yoga will take place on Mondays from 1pm–2.30pm while Baby Massage will be on Thursdays from 1-2.30pm from the second week in January. 

Session leader Joanne Gibson, from Pitter Patter Baby Massage and Yoga, has been a Family and Community Co-ordinator in primary school for 26 years. 

She said: “Having worked with parents and children all this time, I’ve seen how the key to life is to build a firm foundation at the earliest stage possible, forming a good quality and loving relationship based on trust and love.”

Since leading early help sessions over the past 18 months, Joanne has seen a massive bond developing between mums and babies.

“As touch is the first of the five senses a baby experiences,” she said, “massage is the best way possible of helping parents communicate with their baby. 

“While parenthood at any stage can have its strains and tensions, building a close bond through touch at the earliest possible stage can help us cope in today’s stressed, busy world.” 

Done two or three times a week, massage helps secure a more confident relationship and it promotes relaxation and excellent connection with your baby. “Yoga helps to foster effective interaction between mothers and babies with positive handling,” added Joanne. 

“It can also help begin and build a life-long pattern of exercising. There is also evidence that yoga can improve babies’ quality of sleep.”

Both yoga and massage are a lovely time to spend with your baby and a great way to meet other mums. 

The cost is £7.50 a session, including refreshments and baby’s keepsakes. 

Numbers limited to 10 mums per session.  To book call Joanne: 07966 576679.

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