Greenfield boy receives charity medal for saving sister’s life

A YOUNG boy from Greenfield who helped to save his sister’s life when she unexpectedly had a seizure has been recognised by a military children’s charity.

Six-year-old Noah Marsh lives at home with his parents and two siblings – 11-year-old sister Scarlett and 16-year-old brother Connor.

Noah’s dad serves in the British Army and was deployed overseas in the Middle East this summer.


While he was away, and completely out of the blue, Scarlett had her first ever seizure and started choking.

Like a true hero, Noah leapt into action and alerted his mum before following instructions until an ambulance arrived.

Scarlett has now been diagnosed with epilepsy having had several seizures since – and every time, Noah has done what he can to help and support his sister.

The family has previously used Little Troopers – a charity which supports children who have parents serving in the British Armed Forces, providing resources for use at home and in school.

Noah’s mum decided to nominate him for the charity’s ‘Little Trooper of the Month’ award and, after being chosen as a winner, the youngster will receive a medal, a certificate and a £50 gift voucher.

“It isn’t easy having his Dad away so much but Noah always takes everything in his stride and has shown such resilience,” his mum Karen said.

“He has been absolutely amazing this summer in support of his sister Scarlett. Even when we had to cancel our family holiday, Noah has been so accepting and dealt with everything in such a mature manner. He is absolutely over the moon to be awarded Little Trooper of the Month and can’t wait to wear his medal with pride on Remembrance Day with his Dad.”

Louise Fetigan, founder of Little Troopers, commented: “Our Little Trooper of the Month award is all about recognising military children who are extra special and go above and beyond. As soon as we heard about Noah, we knew he deserved a medal.

“Having a parent deployed is challenging enough, but to then show such maturity and resilience in the face of a medical emergency is amazing. Noah, we hope you enjoy your medal and it helps you realise what a special little trooper you really are.”

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