Greenfield pub hopes for quieter life after noise complaints

A SADDLEWORTH pub is turning the noise down and suspending some live music nights following complaints.

The Railway Inn in Greenfield has put a temporary halt to jam nights on Thursday evenings after Oldham Council received grumbles about the noise.

And Saddleworth Independent can reveal the authority has not seen any more grumbles since a formal notice was issued in June.

Despite that, Paddy Maguire, who runs the pub opposite Greenfield railway station on Shaw Hall Bank Road, has taken extra measures to make sure it stays compliant.

The Railway Pub, Greenfield

He said: “We have been working hard to resolve these issues and have implemented soundproofing measures to try to combat this.

“Unfortunately, we have not yet cracked it and work continues to rectify it.”

Reports of some bands being in conflict with licensee Amy Gritt after being asked to turn the volume down because of the threat hanging over The Railway have followed.

But Paddy revealed she has his backing as he added: “In the meantime we ask that any band or musicians, to please respect the fact that we have this ongoing issue.

“I have received reports of musicians not turning down when asked to by management. If this doesn’t change, not only are we going to lose live music at the Railway – we will lose Amy too!

“The ongoing complaint we have is against the licensee of the pub, that’s Amy! And in noise complaint issues with pubs vs public, public ALWAYS wins. So it currently Amy’s livelihood on the line.

“I love me some live music and I am a musician myself who has had many great nights at The Railway and I would love for music to continue in this great little boozer – but not at the expense of a fantastic colleague.

“So from here on out, Amy now has the full authority to ask any band or musician to turn down and they must comply!

“Volume readings are taken throughout the day and night and have to be recorded, so if Amy or a member of staff tells you to turn down it’s for a reason.

“If you don’t turn down, then quite simply, Amy will ask you to stop playing and leave, with no pay for that night and no possibility of future bookings.

“The seriousness of this situation must be realised. We don’t want to lose live music at The Railway and we REALLY don’t want to lose Amy.

“So please help us while we try figure this noise issue out so we can get back to our gig nights.”

Oldham Council confirmed to Saddleworth Independent the Railway was the subject of complaints earlier this year.

But Cllr Chris Goodwin, cabinet member for neighbourhoods, revealed none have been received for four months.

He said: “Earlier this year, the council received complaints about loud singing and music coming from the pub.

“Our officers followed them up and recordings were taken. We served a formal notice on the pub back in June telling them to keep the noise within an acceptable level.

“Since then, we have not received any more complaints.

“Our officers continue to work closely with businesses and residents to ensure compliance with legal requirements.”


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  1. In my misspent youth this was my local
    This sort of thing never ceases to amaze me, why do people buy properties near pubs and then complain, just like complain about farms making smells Dogs in mangers spring to mind

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