Group raises almost £1,000 to help women in Gaza access higher education

SEVENTY PEOPLE attended a fundraiser in Saddleworth to enable women in Gaza to access higher education.

Organised by Saddleworth Palestine Women’s Scholarship Fund, the event’s keynote speaker was Dr Mona El-Farra from Gaza who is currently visiting the UK.

Dr El-Farra is a director with the Middle East Children’s Alliance and was instrumental in setting up the Scholarship Fund.

She spoke movingly about the current situation in Gaza and the importance of education in improving the life chances of young women in the area.

Several members of Dr El-Farra’s family were killed in the Israeli attack on Gaza last year.

Debbie Abrahams, MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth, also attended the event and music was provided by local musicians Emerald Peak.

The event raised £955 to add to more than £5,000 already raised this year by group, which supports 40 women in higher education in Gaza.

gaza fundraiser
Jacqui Greenfield, Dr Mona El-Farra, Debbie Abrahams, MP, Michele Abendstern, Kathy Brooks, Catherine Holland and Joyce Booth

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  1. How do you feel about the people of Gaza celebrating the massacre of innocent people in France. Is this the reaction of victims ? Where has the billions sent to Gaza in aid gone to. Where are the schools, hospitals and houses. There has been enough aid given to build a place and live useful productive lives. The pre occupation with trying to destroy Israel is a waste of life for the murder victims in Israel and the suicide bombers who take their own lives as well.

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