Guests spoiled for choice with 111 wines at tasting evening

GUESTS WERE certainly not stuck for choice as they sampled 111 wines, champagnes, gins and ports from around the world at the latest Saddleworth Wine Tasting.

The unique event saw more than 230 people gather at The White Hart, Lydgate to get a taste of the offerings from Saddleworth Wine Vault and Winos.

Experienced wine representatives from a host of top companies headed the tables to help guests sample the drinks as well as offer information and advice.

Delicious food pairings were also served, chosen by The White Hart’s General Manager Ian Howard, to give a flavour of some of the wines alongside food.

Wine expert Bob Marshall with guests
Dinah Kinnear from Walker and Wodehouse, event organiser Julian Garratt and Saddleworth Rotary Club members David and Barbara Howse

Julian Garratt, who has been running the events with his dad Phil since 1983, now holds three gatherings a year as they have grown so popular.

He said: “We have brought together lots of different wines from around the world all in one place so it is a unique event. And all of them are in stock at our stores too from £6-£40.

“Some of the wines cost £20 or £30 a bottle so events like this offer a chance for people to taste it first before they buy it.

“This winter event is always fun as people can sample some of our warmers and enjoy themselves a bit more as head into Christmas.”



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