Have a laugh this season at Oldham’s oldest theatre

Lyceum Theatre Oldham has set its sights on making its audiences laugh with a season celebrating British Comedy in all its different forms.

Spanning eighty years and many genres, 2017/18 will be a season to make you smile.

The season opens with an early work by Willy Russell. ‘One For The Road’ on 22-30 September.

Set on Phase Two of a 1980s housing estate, Dennis Cain thinks he’s the only person who’s not brain-washed by Tupperware, John Denver and “poshed-up cottage pie”.

This hugely evocative period piece reminds us all of the joys of Thatcher’s Britain and a need to escape.

Then in November, travel back in time to post-war London for the stage version of the glorious Ealing Comedy, ‘The Ladykillers’ from 24 November – 2 December.

Adapted for the stage by Graham Linehan, this production has a challenging, rickety, three-set stage which makes this hilarious tale of good versus evil a joy to watch and perform.

The opening play in 2018 is Charles Dyer’s gentle comedy ‘Rattle Of A Simple Man’ on 2-10 February.

Shy Percy finds himself bullied by his footballing pals into going home with a prostitute. They spend the night together but with a smile and a fantasy future that neither expect.

JB Priestley’s ‘When We Are Married’ on 13-21 April provides a perfect opportunity to shine a light on characters from another era.

A favourite with audiences, the play reveals the hypocrisy behind Victorian values when three staid, elderly couples, married for thirty years, discover they were never married in the first place. They have a chance to reflect, to regret and to decide their own fate.

And finally is a farce, ‘Not Now Darling’ from 8-16 June. Set in a fur shop with scantily clad mistresses and squirming awkward husbands about to be caught out, we celebrate the genre by laughing as much at its style as enjoying the situations and scenes.

Next year, Lyceum Theatre Oldham is celebrating a significant birthday and is starting the celebrations by putting on stage three brand new plays created by its audience.

‘Plotfest’, launched this summer, asks local playwrights to send in new one-act plays to be judged anonymously. The best will be performed on 13 and 14 July 2018 at Lyceum Theatre Oldham.

Enjoy the new season at Lyceum Theatre Oldham, 95 Union Street, Oldham, OL1 1QG. Book tickets online: lyceumtheatre.org.uk or call the Lyceum Box Office: 0161 627 1032. (Box office is open for phone and face to face bookings three weeks before each production, on Tuesdays 2pm-4pm and Thursdays 7pm-9pm, as well as half an hour before each performance.)

Season Tickets are now on sale for only £7 per ticket, saving £1.50 on full price seats. To buy season tickets, go to the website (lyceumtheatre.org.uk) and download a booking form. Tickets for individual productions go on sale on 28 August.

The 2017-2018 season includes:

  • ‘One For The Road’ by Willy Russell – 22-30 September 2017 7.30pm (no performance Sunday 24 September). All Tickets: £8.50
  • ‘The Ladykillers’ by Graham Linehan – 24 November – 2 December 2017 7.30pm (no performance Sunday 26 November). All Tickets: £8.50
  • ‘Rattle Of A Simple MAN’ by Charles Dyer – 2 – 10 February 2018 7.30pm (no performance Sunday 4 February). All Tickets: £8.50
  • ‘When We Are Married’ by J. B. Priestley – 13 – 21 April 2018 7.30pm (no performance Sunday 15 April). All Tickets: £8.50
  • ‘Not Now Darling’ by Ray Cooney and John Chapman – 8 – 16 June 2018 7.30pm (no performance Sunday 10 June). All Tickets: £8.50


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