Homeowners and businesses invited to Security Exhibition to help protect their premises

HOMEOWNERS AND businesses can find out how to better protect their premises at a first ever ‘Security Exhibition – Home & Business’ event in Uppermill.

p27 cllr allsopp headshot
Cllr Neil Allsopp

The event will be held at the Civic Hall on Lee Street on Sunday, May 1 from 10am-4pm and is free to enter for visitors, with a small stall donation requested from exhibitors.

It is the brainchild of Saddleworth Parish Council chairman Neil Allsopp following a spate of commercial crimes across the area over the last three months.

With the backing of the Parish Council, Oldham Council and GMP, the event will allow both local and national companies to showcase their security products and services.

Cllr Allsopp explained: “I came up with the idea at a recent public meeting hosted by Debbie Abrahams, MP. It was immediately supported by Debbie, Sgt Barker and all those present.

“The exhibition is a response to the recent upsurge in burglaries. Although they have now thankfully reduced it has highlighted the need for better security in homes and businesses.

“The police have offered advice but they can’t endorse products or companies. It’s up to the individual to research the market, and decide what’s appropriate and affordable for them.

“It’s a daunting task for some and not an ideal approach to security. I felt it would be better to bring the products and companies under one roof.”

He added: “Saddleworth Parish Council can’t come anywhere near to matching the financial resources of GMP and OMBC to install widespread monitored CCTV.

“However, the Civic Hall is ideal for an exhibition of this kind. I felt hosting a security exhibition would allow us to play our part in helping Saddleworth tackle this blight.”

Any companies interested in exhibiting at the event should contact Saddleworth Parish Council: 01457 876665.


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