House struck by HGV in Dobcross

Emergency services attended the scene of a road traffic accident in the Square at Dobcross. (September 3)

A house at the corner of Platt Lane and the village war memorial have been damaged.

A council spokesman said: “The area has been made safe by council staff and we are currently assessing the damage.

“The monument is a focal point of the village and we are disappointed that it has been damaged.

“Once we have a clearer picture of what work is needed we’ll update people.”

The monument, erected by public subscription more than a hundred years ago as a tribute to Saddleworth’s first medical officer of health Walter Henry Fox Ramsden, was previously knocked over on Christmas Eve, 2017.

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2 Replies to “House struck by HGV in Dobcross”

  1. Why are HGV trucks allowed into Dobcross village ?? Only 2 hours previously, numerous young children from Holy Trinity and Saddleworth schools were chatting excitedly outside our house. Their first day back after the Summer holidays. This was then hit by a huge HGV which demolished our wall, dragged along our home & trashed the monument. When will we take action ?? Dave Wickham, House owner along with Gillie of the Old Shop, The Square.

  2. I absolutely love Saddleworth but this is the kind of blindingly obvious twoddle that made me move out 6 years ago. What is it that no one can see the facts about its infrastructure from centuries past that is just not acceptable to the modern day numpty white van man? There should be blockades in the way of road-narrowing etc. that prevents this HGV being stuck, or even contemplating accessing between cottages, GET REAL, duuurgh! Saddleworth even only 10 years ago was a lovely collection of clustered villages linked by backroads, sadly it is not villages any more but one big Town.

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